More People Realize That The Electric Vehicle Is Not The Wave Of The Future As Advertised

It’s like the THE AUTOEXTREMIST is reading my mind:

The blind embracing of Tesla – again, that glorified kit car company that hasn’t produced even a whiff of profit or even demonstrated even the remotest suggestion of being able to bring a mainstream electric sedan to market – is Egregious Example No. 1 and proof-positive that the Green Horde will suspend all vestiges of reality in order to shove their view of a transportation future down the rest of this nation’s throat, even if the infrastructure doesn’t exist to support it now, not to mention the funds to even begin paying for it are nowhere to be found on the horizon.

Blind faith in the “new” or the “next” is one thing – I can embrace and encourage blue sky thinking and innovation as much as the next person – but abject stupidity in the face of a burgeoning reality borders on the criminal.

The hype surrounding the Electric Vehicle is the same today as it was in 1911. Furthermore, we are going to trade imported oil (mostly from Canada and Mexico) to imported lithium (for the Li-Ion batteries) from places like Boliva and lithium mining is not exactly a ‘green endeavor.’

Lastly, imagine how expensive it would be if you and hundreds of your neighbors start hooking up their EV’s for re-charging. In August, when your AC is running full tilt. After you are forced to purchase very expensive ‘renewable electricity.’