Saturday Morning Quick Hits: The Retro Computer Edition

I’m pretty much windows free running Ubuntu 10.10 and have been really happy with it. But, it is really interesting to look at an example of an early example of the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

YouTube Preview Image

Of course Microsoft (or Apple) did not invent the GUI. Xerox did.

Nothing like trying to buy votes: Pelosi Proposes Seniors Subsidy to ‘Replace’ the 2011 Social Security COLA

The FCBZ …. Rush Limbaugh: Has Obama Moved from the White House to the Fantasy World of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch?

Finding Stuff Online: 20 Years of Innovative Search Engines

Active Duty Military Troops Training to Run Local Communities

More rent-a-mobs for the left: Oprah Pays For Stewart/Colbert Audience to Attend Rally

Trying to “buck up” the Democrat base: Polls That Do Not Include Cellphone Users Tilt Toward Republicans, Study Says – Of course the study doesn’t discuss how the sampling 50% Democrat, 30% Republican and 20% Independent (Democrats who don’t want to identify themselves as D’s) tilts the polls as well.

DNC Accusing GOP of Standard Democrat Tactics

So, here we are. The Democrats are the one’s that have been caught in intimidation efforts, and have conveniently left off the hook by the DOJ. However, the accusations here are simply the start. You see; Tea Party folks are not likely to do that at all, so the left will have to MAKE it happen. Just as they engaged in false flag during the Tea Party rallies, they may also do it on Election Day. They’ll get a couple of Gadsden flag tee shirts, put them on some Move On or Organizing for America useful idiots, and have them harass voters at the polls. And look, a Think Progress useful idiot with a camera! What a coincidence! I know, it hypothetical, but it does match prior practice from the left.

The Private Sector Expects Results

  • Matt October 17, 2010 at 3:36 am

    Thanks for the linky and the quote sir!

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      Not a prob!

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      I love that video clip- It’s great!