California’s Green Energy Result

Treehugger is happy that California is sticking with its 2006 ‘clean energy’ mandate:

The best climate and clean energy news to come out of yesterday’s election is that California voters roundly rejected Proposition 23, a ballot initiative sponsored by out-of-state oil companies that would have overturned the state’s 2006 climate law. It serves as a resounding referendum on California’s trailblazing commitment to clean energy and climate action — and is a major victory for clean energy supporters in the face of a well-funded campaign by fossil fuel interests.

With 93% of precincts reporting, Prop 23 has been rejected by a pretty wide margin: 61% voted against it, and 39% in favor

Of course, Treehugger is cheering the ‘green energy’ jobs.

The defeat of Prop 23 allows California to prove to the rest of the nation that having good clean energy and climate laws won’t crash its economy — and show that it’s possible to reduce emissions, stimulate innovation, and create jobs at the same time.

I wonder where Claifornia would be without all those ‘green energy’ jobs…

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California is finding out what Spain knows.