Friday Night Quick Hits: TSA Groping Edition

TSA “grope vs porno shoot” t-shirt

Good! The American people are starting to fight back! The TSA backlash.

Is Facebook e-mail being announce Monday?

Actually, shouldn’t we call them Non-Gender Specific Beings made of Gingerbread?

Rev 2 by Wonder Customs

Gnarly Wipe Out for Democrats & RINOs: Secrets of the Tea Party Movement’s Successful Tidal Wave (video)

Supercomputers ‘will fit in a sugar cube’, IBM says

Yet another great provision of Obamacare

Thank You to all Veterans from a fellow Veteran.

Veterans Day: Thanks for My Freedoms

London’s new double-decker bus unveiled [w/video]… I like the old ones better.

Christmas Lights Tour Bus In Singapore

Warning label hysteria

The Fallacy Of Monopolies

True Story: Liberal Teacher Told me to Stop Spreading ‘Propaganda’ of Liberty

Study: People spend ‘half their waking hours daydreaming’