Who Exactly Are The Fear Mongers?

Quick! Someone call Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, more fear mongering happening.

Via Treehugger.com:

The gist of this plan is pretty straightforward:

First, ignore the general issue of climate change, or deny that it’s an issue at all. Then, continue embracing status-quo policies that favor the fossil fuel industry. Finally, attack the EPA in the name of deregulation, and attack climate scientists in the name of an event that has been cleared of any wrongdoing by 5 independent investigations. Yes, the GOP plans on going after the long-exonerated scientists associated with the so-called Climate Gate affair.

The global warming hoaxer’s are trying to scare their supporters to the polls. They lost the scientific argument, so all that is left is fear mongering. And repeating the lies. Again.

The GOP’s stance seems to be solidifying around a pretty frightening ideology: That climate change isn’t being caused by man, and even if it was, that we shouldn’t attempt to address it. Decades worth of scientific evidence, of course, points to the contrary — and a consensus of 97% of the world’s climate scientists see things differently.

Frightening…  And if the ENTIRE planet is warming, how can my backyard be in a COOLING trend since the 1930’s.

If the decades of evidence claims that we are on a upward trajectory, why did the warmest day in my area occur 22 years ago?

The truth is, if these guys truly cared about the environment, they would be working to protect our economy.  Because only wealthy nations can afford to care about the environment. Poor countries can’t.

poverty in Cuba

3rd world children