Obama Ignores Judicial Ruling… Again

Much like the U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman ruling against Obama’s off shore drilling ‘moratorium’ that Obama blatantly ignored. Our Community Organizer in Chief is once again ignoring a Federal Judges ruling because he ‘disagrees.’

The decision issued on Monday is one district court decision, and we believe it to be very wrong. The Department of Justice has made clear that it is reviewing all of its options in responding to this case, as it does in all cases. Implementation will continue.

They don’t care. “Implementation will continue.”

Even though the entire ObamaCare law has been found unconstitutional. Obama and his cronies are hanging their argument on the fact that other judges agree with him.

However, this doesn’t matter. It takes only one Federal Judge, ruling on one particular case finding a law unconstitutional to put a stop to that law.

Via Rush Limbaugh:

I don’t care what you hear in public, behind the scenes the Democrats are worried stiff about this ruling and the notion that the whole thing is unconstitutional. Now, one of things that I said earlier this week is that this could lead to a giant constitutional crisis. And last night — I didn’t see it myself, somebody sent it to me — last night on Mediaite they wrote about that as though I’m some kind of a kook, which is fine, but they think the whole idea that the Constitution might be in crisis here is silly. Why would that be? Why would it be silly to say that? We have a federal judge who has ruled a major piece of legislation unconstitutional, and the regime is basically saying, “Ah, well, it’s gonna go to Supreme Court anyway, so to hell with it.” But he has voided it. It is not the law of the land and if they continue implementing it as though it is, they are in contempt. They’re basically looking at the Constitution and winking at it or spitting on it or turning their backs on it, constitutional crisis.

Now, go ahead and make fun of pointing that out if you wish, but I hold here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story I printed out from CNBC.com. “Is The Obama Administration Throwing Us Into a Constitutional Crisis Over Health Care?” Let’s see if the Mediaite people go after this guy. It’s by John Carney, the senior editor at CNBC.com. “Are we experiencing a quiet constitutional crisis?” And I’ll add another question. Not only are we experiencing a quiet constitutional crisis, is it being done with thoughtful malice? Do you think the Democrats and Obama didn’t know that this was unconstitutional? They knew they were gonna have to argue this and they prepared arguments. They knew the commerce clause did not permit this. They did it anyway.

“It’s well known that Judge Roger Vinson ruled yesterday that the individual mandate exceeded the powers of the federal government under the Commerce Clause. But he also ruled that because the law lacked a severability clause and the law’s proponents had argued that the individual mandate was a necessary part of the scheme, the entire law was invalid. Wesley J. Smith explains the implications: ‘That means that under the ruling, the law is void and cannot be implemented from this point forward. The Administration’s legal remedy is to seek a stay of the ruling pending appeal. It cannot just defy a federal court ruling. If it tries, the plaintiffs should go to court for the injunction and/or seek an order of contempt against the administration,'” which I suggested yesterday one of the attorney generals of the 26 states suing the regime do.

“Pretending that the ruling doesn’t change anything when it unequivocally does, would be both a petulant and extra-legal approach to governance.

It seems Obama and his crew want to pick and chose what judges and what rulings that they will listen to.