Saturday Morning Links: The 10 Unusual Things About Google Edition

Here is really interesting article about Google. One of the more interesting facts is that Google’s patent is remarkably similar to one owned by Dow Jones Corp:

Patents. The genealogy of the Google patent is interesting. Here’s the link to the patent filed with the US Patent Office. It refers to another patent owned by Dow Jones that was very similar to the Google patent and was developed by a guy named Robin Li when he worked for a company owned by Dow jones. Both patents used similar ideas of ranking a page not necessarily by using the text on the page but also by counting how many links referenced the page. Dow Jones wasn’t really sure what to do with the patent (called RankDex) so Robin Li left the company and went to China. While there he licensed the patent from Dow Jones for almost nothing and started (and is still CEO of) a little company called Baidu.  Here’s Robin Li’s patent on RankDex. Its interesting that the same basic idea inspired both Google and Baidu.

The idea that Dow Jones didn’t pursue the RankDex idea reminds me of the Xerox / GUI / Apple story.

Self-Ownership and the Right to Life

Political Realities:

Honestly, does President Obama really believe that statement, or is it something he says because it makes his side of the debate look better? When you examine what he said, looking at the actual facts of the situation, you will find it to be very misleading, if not outright false. It has never been easy for oil companies to get permission to drill and explore for oil and other sources of energy and it has become even less so since Obama took office.

Marco Rubio: Continuing Resolutions are “No Way to Run a Government”

The new USS Detroit

Epic Fail: Fewer Than 30 People Attend’s “Reclaim The Dream” Rally

Spellchek: SHUT IT DOWN!

Cynical Synapse: Some Things Don’t Get Better With Age

End All Energy Production?

FCBZ: Super Moon

Trial Run: U.S. Military to Block Popular Websites for Japan

“It is not because we care about children…”

Let’s have a show of hands. Who’s gonna cough up fifteen bucks to read The New York Times online?…Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

WWTFT: First Principles, Men Are Equal Under God

It’S tHe EnD Of thE WoRld aS We KnOw iT…

Netflix Original Content: It Could Shift An Industry

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