German government debating legally binding gender quotas for private companies

Another bad idea brewing in Europe. Gender quotas:

New statistics and pressure from the European Union have rekindled a long-running debate in Germany about the embarrassing state of gender equality in the professional world. The country continues to lag well behind other European nations in equal pay and the number of women in top positions, which has prompted heated disagreements among politicians in Berlin over the possibility of a legally binding quota.

On the occasion of the 101st International Women’s Day on Thursday, members of the German parliament — almost all of them female — held an intense debate in Berlin. For the first time in the parliament’s history, the center-right coalition government presented a gender equality report, which came to the sobering conclusion that despite nine years of voluntary agreements with the business world, little has changed in “gender distribution in leadership positions.”

Remember, most bad ideas that start in Europe seem to find their way over here.

  • Bellamy Belvedar Blunderbuss-Smythe March 12, 2012 at 7:25 am

    Sir, women continually tell us that they wish to succeed on their own ability, but now European women want it legislated that they want equal pay (fair enough) and equal representation in top jobs, women need to get these jobs on ability not on some quota system if they wish to be taken seriously. As the article says most bad ideas that start in Europe end up here, so it won’t belong before the push starts here. I note the discussion was held on the 101st International Womens Day, can anyone inform on what date we celebrate International Mens Day???