Africa experiencing economic growth and improvement in child mortality rates

Via my favorite economics writer, Tim Worstall:

That is the annual change in child mortality in those selected countries. No country, no group of countries, has ever seen anything like this, it simply has not happened so quickly anywhere else at all. Something, blessedly, is going very right indeed in this world. My suggestion is that we keep doing exactly what it is that we are currently doing: we might call it globalisation, foreign direct investment, openness to trade or as Madsen puts it, buying things made by poor people in poor countries. But it’s working, isn’t it?

The left says free markets and capitalism are evil. However, investment and engaging in trade with Africa by “the rich” has led to economic growth. And, with economic growth, peoples lives improve indicated by the improvement child mortality rates.

Of course, the #OWS crazies and Democrats (aren’t they really the same) would rather engage in demagoguery rather than face, you know, actual data.