Socialist Say The Darndest Things: MCT Response to Norwegian Reader; Viking

Regular MCT readers might have noticed I heavily moderate comments on this site. I’m not interested in ‘debating’ with the other side. Furthermore, the vast majority of comment from the left on this site (that go into moderation) are tired leftist talking points, incoherent rants and insults.

I built this site, so why would I let a random #OWS loser post his boilerplate talking points here? If he or she feels so strongly about a subject, build your own website and post it there. This way we can all ignore their nonsense and go on with our lives.

This being said, there was a comment on the post Major North Sea Oil Discovery & Norwegians Double Carbon Tax on Oil Companies that is worth discussing a little further. Although there are several boilerplate liberal talking points (“planning for a future beyond the next election” and “guess who in a 100 years time STILL will have clean fjords and clean energy”) the comment is in good spirit.

Click here to read the entire comment from my Horned Helmeted Norwegian (I have no way of confirming this, so I’ll go with it) reader; Viking.

Before we get to the core of my Norwegian readers comments, here is an important baseline points:

  • Norway’s population slightly larger (4,707,270) than the Detroit Metropolitan Region (3,734,090). For a sense of scale, the Detroit Metro Region is the 11th largest Metropolitan region in the United States.

In other words Norway, population wise, is the size of a middle of the road American metropolitan area. Keep this in mind because, any social welfare system “working” in Norway would have to be scaled up nearly 100 X to work in the United States.

This is not practical.

Now let’s look at the arguments put forth by the Horned Helmeted one.

Norway surpass USA on every UN rating makes you shake your head in disbelief over Norway???

The UN is a corrupt, morally bankrupt organization. I would discount anything they put forth.

Ever heard about thorium reactors? Something that the USA cant afford to put into production?

We constructed a thorium reactor in the 1950’s. The reason we haven’t constructed a new Thorium (or any nuclear reactor) in this country is our government makes it nearly impossible to construct a new power plant. Besides, our government is broke, not private industry. They can afford to build any reactor they want.

And to be honest, if that means I only have to drive a Mercedes instead of a Porsche, I think thats a “sacrifice” I can live with. Because the reality is not that we are “poor” because we are “taxed to death”. The reality is that everyone can afford a decent house, a decent car, a decent boat, a decent country estate…. You get what I’m talking about.

I thought you were for clean fjords and clean energy, why drive a Porsche or Mercedes? How ’bout scaling back you luxurious lifestyle and drive a Golf TDi? You know, something efficient to save the entire world. Also, speaking of lifestyles, Businessweek is reporting that housing prices are spiking dramatically such that “local authorities can’t find enough health-care workers who can afford to live there.

Apparently, not everyone is purchasing a decent country estate…. So much for that vaunted responsible government planning.

And when we have free daycare, free education including university (No, you dont have to pay for a master or doctor degree. Its free and everyone gets a schollarship to living costs) and free health care… And with only 8 hours day and payed maternity leave…. Lets face it: The reason we plan for our children future is that we are one of the few western (white) countries with a population surpluss from children and not from imigration.

Nothing is free, someone has to pay for all the social welfare goodies. Furthermore, even though Norway’s population is growing (slowly), it’s not growing as fast as their population is aging.

Today, 5.1 workers support each retiree, in 30 years only 3 workers will support each retiree. That is not a growth trend.

I can hear my Horned Helmeted Viking reader shouting “what about the oil and sovereign wealth fund!” And I would ask, why are you guys trying to slow down production of a fantastic source of wealth by imposing another tax on its production?

Guess what we are going to spend our carbon tax on…. And guess who in a 100 years time STILL will have clean fjords and clean energy…

Ahhh… Remove the helmet and reread the paragraph excerpt more closely, Mr. Viking.

Norway will also plough an extra $1.75 billion (Nkr10bn) into its funds for climate change mitigation, renewable energy, food security in developing countries and conversion to low-carbon energy sources, Environmental Finance reported.

The carbon tax is being shipped off to developing countries for their ‘clean energy’ projects (probably sponsored by the UN) not to keeping the fjords clean in your backyard.

I suspect you are getting my point. The reason your cradle to grave social welfare system is ‘working’ to some degree now is Norway has a small population (relatively speaking) and a fantastic source of wealth in the oil industry. This will change as your population ages and everyone begins to demand more. It’s human nature to demand more. Look at Greece.

Yes, there’s a lot to complain about in the United States, spend a little time scrolling through this website for more than a few points. However, the reason for the problem is about 40% of the people (Democrats) in the United States think they want to become more socialist. They think of touristy Europe and how grand it is. They don’t see the reality of actually paying 50% + tax rates, high cost of everyday items, unrealistic property prices, lack of doctors, $8.00 gas and so on. Socialism isn’t working in Europe, and it won’t work here.

Getting to my main point in the post is why not let people in Norway keep more of their money, to invest and spend as they see fit? As a side benefit it will diversify the economy a bit in the process. You know become a little less dependent on the oil industry.

Yes, feel the power of the dark side! I know there is a little socialist in you all. Muhahahahaha!

My Horned Helmeted reader, you let it slip. You want a Porsche & Country Estate… Face it. Beneath it all you really are a filthy capitalist like me.

However, I would go for a 2013 Viper (with 8.4 litre V10 engine) before a Porsche. But, that’s just me.

Even though we disagree, thanks for the good-natured comment.

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire October 21, 2012 at 10:17 am

    If my memory serves me correctly, the government of Norway takes in about $45,000 for every family of four in oil royalties. When the day comes that their oil reserves are gwindling or alternative energy becomes a reality, will the people of Norway be willing to give up their “freebies” or will thay react more like the Greeks? The capitalist oil industry is supporting their socialism. Some day it won’t be able to able to do so. Then what, Mr. Viking?

    • steve October 21, 2012 at 10:23 am

      Great points jim. I would add what happens when oil prices (hopefully) drop or stagnate? People are not going to give up their goodies.

  • Mike G. October 21, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Nice car Steve…looks kind of like the one I raced in my truck last year except for the color.

    • steve October 21, 2012 at 11:49 am

      You must have a fast truck to race a Viper.

      I remember back in the day, while driving my Trans Am, I ran across a GMC Typhoon on an empty freeway early one Sunday morning . Man that thing was fast.

      • Mike G. October 21, 2012 at 5:28 pm

        My truck was pretty fast…had the Vortec V-6 in it. Oh, that dude was gonna smoke my ass, but a Semi pulled in front of him when we were doing about 95 up I-77 below Columbia, SC. I slammed on my brakes to give the guy room to escape if he needed to and that was the end of the race.

      • steve October 21, 2012 at 5:34 pm

        Too cool!

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