Video: Joe Walsh and Billy Gibbons Performing “Life in The Fast Lane”

This is a kick butt version of the Eagles classic, performed by Joe Walsh and Billy Gibbons…

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, by the way, here’s the story (according to Billy Gibbons) of how the guys from ZZ Top came by their iconic look:

Having a visual element to your band is a good thing. Our peculiar image happened quite by accident. We were originally signed to London Records. After five or six albums, Warner Brothers’ [President] Mo Ostin made it clear that he had an interest in signing ZZ Top. But we had to let the London arrangement expire before we could jump ship. So we decided we’d stay off the road, do no public appearances and take no studio time until that happened. I went off to Europe and Dusty was down in Mexico and Frank went over to Jamaica. And when it was time to finally meet again we saw that all of us had grown these ridiculous beards. It was somewhat amusing. And I said, “Well let’s just leave them and see what happens.” Frank threw in the towel early. He might’ve been the smarter one. He’s allowed to shave 35 years later. But Dusty and I, we stroll down the street anywhere in the world and people either think, “There’s a couple of religious nuts, stay away from those guys” or “That’s ZZ Top.” Surely, that’s more than most bands ever get.

I still think its funny that ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard, is the one without a beard.