Warped WaPo World: Rising Unemployment Rate Is Good News For Dear Leader

Sometimes it boggles the mind:

The unemployment rate rose to 7.9 percent, up from 7.8 percent, but the reason behind the uptick also points to an improved job market. Some 578,000 more Americans counted themselves as part of the labor force, and only 410,000 more people reported having a job. In one particularly welcome sign, the proportion of the population reporting that they had a job rose one-tenth of a percent to 58.8 percent. The Labor Department counts only those with jobs or looking for jobs as among the U.S. workforce.

Really, only when a Democrat is occupying the White house will you see an article trying to say (with a straight face no less) that an INCREASE in unemployment is a positive economic indicator.

The labor participation rate over the last four years tells the true Obama economic story.

With this kind of journalistic perspective, it’s no wonder Newspapers are steadily losing readers.