White House Involved With Movie About SEAL’s Is NBD; SEAL’s Involved With Video Game Maker Get Formal Reprimand

Leftist lap-dog media thinks White House Occupant giving movie maker access to CIA and high level SOCOM officers is no big deal. Via Entertainment Weekly (because the ‘hard news’ media ignores this, like so many other stories):

In January, the Pentagon began investigating whether the White House had shared classified information with Kathryn Bigelow, director of an upcoming film about the search for Osama bin Laden. Now, conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch has obtained records that reveal President Obama’s Defense Department did provide Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal access to high-level information and resources — including a “planner, Operator and Commander” of the Navy SEAL team that successfully captured and killed bin Laden last year.

A Department of Defense meeting transcript reveals that the filmmaker learned the identity of the SEAL Team 6 commander, but was asked never to name him as a consultant “because…he shouldn’t be talking out of school.” (The commander’s name is blacked out in Judicial Watch’s document.) According to an internal CIA email, Bigelow and Boal also gained access to “the Vault,” a CIA building where the bin Laden raid was partially planned.

Yet, when actual SEAL’s become involved with a video game manufacture, all hell breaks loose:

They were accused for their role working as paid consultants for a video game company producing “Medal of Honor: Warfighter.” The official says four other SEALs are under investigation for similar alleged disclosures, but are still on active duty.

The seven received what the military calls “nonjudicial” punishment on Wednesday. They were given letters of reprimand, which is often, but not exclusively, a career ending punishment — it depends on the commander’s discretion and whether or not he chooses to make it part of the offender’s permanent service record. In addition, the seven SEALs were made to forfeit half their pay for two months.

The deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, Rear Adm. Garry Bonelli, issued a statement acknowledging that nonjudicial punishments had been handed out for misconduct, but he did not offer any details.

“We do not tolerate deviations from the policies that govern who we are and what we do as sailors in the United States Navy,” Bonelli said. He alluded to the importance of honoring nondisclosure agreements that SEALs sign.

He said the punishments this week “send a clear message throughout our force that we are and will be held to a high standard of accountability.”

It would be nice if our current White House occupant were held to any standard whatsoever