Penn Jillette: People cry out for safety, and the government answers by taking rights away

The Chicago Way…

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Emanuel 

Listen carefully to Obama’s statement regarding Friday’s tragic school shooting in Connecticut…

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Robert Farago at the excellent TTAG, parses Dear Leaders words…

Let’s parse the possibilities. First, consider the phrase “regardless of politics,” an expression that the President also used in this morning’s radio address.

No question: it’s a deeply worrying word choice. Married to the intro—”we’re going to have to come together”—the President’s admonition is both finger-wagging and a middle finger to those who would oppose any new federal gun control measures.

The phrase “regardless of politics” paints any [now promised] move to prevent future Sandy Hook massacres though new federal legislation as a struggle along party lines. Which it is. The Republican and Democratic presidential platforms on gun control made that clear enough, as did the candidates during the debate.

The President’s record on bipartisanship is pretty much non-existent. So it’s entirely likely that “coming together” for gun control means “everyone’s going to have to live with what I decide to do,” rather than “let’s work together to hash this out.”

With that as an ominous background, the question becomes will he do it? Will Obama use an Executive Order to ban assault rifles, limit magazine capacity and mandate background checks on private firearms sales?

Well, we know that Mr. Obama isn’t averse to gun control-related Executive Orders. Specifically, he signed an Executive Order (EO) creating a long gun registry in America’s border states.

Penn Jillette has a great quote that applies to the left’s reaction to this tragedy:

“People cry out for safety, and the government answers by taking rights away from good people.”