Publicly Queen guitarist advocates animal rights while privately profiting from deer cull on his property

Brian May in public:

You might know Brian May as the guitarist and songwriter of the iconic rock band Queen. You might even know Brian May as a published astrophysicist. Maybe you’ve heard about his work to control the spread of HIV and AIDS. Did you also know that the composer of “We Will Rock You” and the co-author of Bang! The Complete History of the Universe started an animal protection group? The group, called “Save Me,” is focused primarily on combating fox hunting and conserving British wildlife.

“[W]e as a race, or as a species, treat other animals appallingly badly,” said May in a recent interview on BBC’s Hardtalk.

Brian May in private:

It came as some surprise last weekend to find that Queen musician Brian May had been leasing the stalking rights on his land. The news was broken by the Sunday Times, who found that he was receiving payments of £750 a year for the right to shoot deer on his Middlemarsh estate. Many other papers picked up on this story because of its significance since Dr May has become a figurehead of the animal rights movement. This is more than just irony . . .

Brian May is the self styled saviour of animals. Not a TV, radio or newspaper interview is complete without the obligatory comment from him “standing up” for the animals. He has vehemently opposed any form of culling, but was most vocal in the recent case of the proposed badger cull.

The fact that a millionaire rock star raised his own dwindling profile at the expense of dairy farmers on the brink of collapse and bankruptcy is hard enough to accept. The fact that he did this having profited from a deer cull on his own land is indefensible.

Dr May stood shoulder to shoulder with the RSPCA and other animal rights groups to oppose the badger cull at all costs, including boycotting milk from already pressed farmers.

As I reported last week, he also endorsed the policy that would make public the names of all those involved in culling, regardless of the consequences. In a cruel twist of poetic justice, May has been the one whose name was made public for allowing shooting to take place on his land.

Now the tables have been turned, Brain May appears to prefer secrecy about what happens on his own land.

Isn’t it great when sanctimonious ‘celebrities’  tell us how to live while doing the exact opposite when no one is looking.

Kinda reminds me of Bono telling us we need to pay more in taxes to help starving children in Africa  while he shuffles his money from tax shelter to tax shelter.