Detroit City Council stalls and State Of Michigan takes offer to run Belle Isle off table

Several months ago, the state of Michigan offered to lease Belle Isle, Detroit’s 982 acre park / island in the Detroit river from the city and take over its day to day operations.

Detroit is hemorrhaging money and population. The is near bankruptcy and can’t afford to properly run the park, let alone pay for the much needed renovations.

Despite the good sense the offer made the Detroit City council is dragging their feet, using a stalling tactic to avoid making a decision:

The state’s proposed lease of Belle Isle has been officially taken off the table, Mayor Dave Bing said Tuesday.

Bing said in a statement that he received a letter from Gov. Rick Snyder’s office Tuesday afternoon saying the deal was off. The Detroit City Council voted earlier Tuesday to table the issue for two weeks. State officials had said earlier the delay likely killed the deal.

“I am extremely disappointed with today’s decision by City Council to table the vote on the Belle Isle lease deal with the state,” Bing said in the statement.

“This plan would have provided state funding for the operation, renovation and maintenance of the island as a state park, while we work to stabilize the City’s finances. I believe the majority of Detroiters supported this lease agreement. City Council’s actions today will force us to look at making additional cutbacks that may negatively impact the City’s other parks.”

Why would the city council (all Democrats) make a decision that would help the taxpayers and residents they represent.