Liberal Detroit: Democrat Shouting Down Democrat; Blue on Blue Infighting; Race Card Flying

This editorial from the Detroit Free Press (our more liberal paper) unwittingly creates a strange, fun house like mirror showing anyone looking what Obama’s and his fellow Democrats agenda will lead to.

While reading this editorial, keep in mind that there is not a single Republican, and certainly not a Conservative, holding elected office within the city. Not one. Furthermore, Detroit hasn’t elected a Republican Mayor since Louis Miriani’s term ended in 1962. Also, it is important to remember that when Democrats seized power in Detroit, the city population was nearly 2 million people in 1950 and thanks to Democrat policy and unvarnished liberalism, the city would struggle to count 750,000 residents.

The city is so dysfunctional, it literally required a task force formed by city government to build a grocery store.

Detroit, like many other Democrat strongholds, are hotbeds of liberalism and decaying before our eyes and if it wasn’t so sad this editorial would be kind of funny. I mean listening to Liberal complain how their liberal Democrat government doesn’t work is kinda funny. Via The Freep:

Detroit has a vibrant community of social and creative entrepreneurs, a group that’s committed to Detroit physically and financially with tremendous results, young residents who see value in an urban lifestyle and in committing to Detroit, and an increasing number of new residents who live and work in downtown and Midtown.

But when it comes to City Hall, those folks, by and large, just aren’t there.

Why? Ask around and you tend to get three answers: Council meetings and hearings are generally held during the day, when many progressive Detroiters work. Going won’t change anything. And, finally — but most critically — going to a council meeting can be incredibly intimidating.

Really? Who would’ve thought giving ever increasing amounts of authority to a government official who has no fear of being thrown out of office, since there is no opposition party, would lead to an unresponsive City Hall. So shocking.

The op-ed continues.

But none of those is a sufficient reason to opt out of engaging with city government.

Most people, however busy, find time to take a long lunch to catch up with a friend, to squeeze in a child’s doctor visit, or a trip to the oil change place. We prioritize what’s important.

As for the other two reasons, I get it — being shouted down, called a racist or cursed at by folks who don’t agree with you is no one’s idea of a great way to spend the morning.

Democrat shouting down Democrat; blue on blue infighting, the race card flying. Wasn’t the race card reserved for those evil Republicans?

This is from a few years ago, but it is an example of the Detroit City council in action.

YouTube Preview Image

And this was only the elected ‘officials’ in action. BTW the President Pro Tem, Democrat Monica Conyers (wife of U.S. Representative John Conyers, D-Detroit) is one step closer to finishing her 37 month stint in Federal prison for her bribery conviction.

LBJ intended for Detroit to serve as a model city for his ‘Great Society’ possessive / liberal Democrat agenda.

And, unfortunately, it is.