Friday Night Quick Hits: Obama support for gun control has roots in Chicago

Try this liberal logic on for size:

Gun control proponents say Chicago illustrates the need for tougher restrictions nationally because guns are coming from outside the city.

Criminals always find a way to arm themselves.

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Iranian “journalists” take a page from Obama’s press corps playbook

Using Wolfram Alpha to decode tire sizes for any type of tire

tire size 215-65R17 tire labeling - Wolfram-Alpha

More liberal ‘logic’:

Rising gas prices are nobody’s idea of a good time, but in reality, their effect on our decision making, beyond simply buying fewer cars and lottery tickets, is immense.
Truthfully, cutting down fuel emissions and trimming our carbon footprints has a better influence on our world than lowering gas prices ever would.

Right, because third world countries are paragons of environmental  stewardship. 

And you think you’ve had it rough…