Michigan Governor: We do a terrible job maintaining our roads, send us more money and we’ll do a better job

Governor Snyder (R) wants to increase Michigan’s gas tax and registration fees to fix the roads. Plus, Snyder is planning to slide over a little of the tax increase for preschool funding to, you know, help the poor kids. Politicians can’t raise taxes without telling you, the tax payer, that he plans to give some of the money to help the poorest of us all.

Via The Freep:

The budget followed through on Snyder’s pledge in his State of the State address last month to hike fuel taxes and registration fees to raise an extra $1.2 billion a year to fix roads and bridges.

The plan would remove the state gas taxes paid at the pump in favor of a percentage tax paid at the wholesale level. Officials could not pinpoint Thursday what that percentage rate would be, but they said it would produce the equivalent of a 33-cent-per-gallon pump tax on both unleaded and diesel fuel.

The current state tax is 19 cents per gallon on unleaded and 15 cents per gallon on diesel. Starting in 2016, the tax could increase based on construction costs and fuel consumption, with increases capped at 5% per year, officials said.

Hiking vehicle registration fees by 25% for large trucks and trailers and 60% for cars and light trucks is expected to raise an extra $508 million. Today’s $123 vehicle registration fee on a new $25,000 car would increase by about $74.

Isn’t this just wonderful, our politicians want us to send them more money and they will finally fix the roads.

The problem with this scheme is we already send money the jokers in Lansing earmarked for road repair and Snyder is admitting they are doing a miserable job maintaining our roads. Why would anyone expect sending them even more money will make our roads better?