Ohio School Throwing The Book At Second Grader Who Brought Toy Gun To Class

Nothing like making an example out of a second grade student:

A second-grade student at Larkmoor Elementary has been suspended after bringing two toy guns to school, police said.

The weapons were found in the student’s book bag yesterday about 9 a.m., Superintendent Tom Tucker said.

The weapons? Now toy guns are considered weapons?

“This is the first time this has happened since I’ve been here,” he said. “The student was suspended from school with the recommendation of expulsion.”

Lorain Police Lt. Roger Watkins said the student showed the toy guns to a classmate who later told a teacher.

The story claims one of the toy “weapons” looked real but there are no photos. That being said, recommending expulsion of a second-grade kid for this is ridiculous.

Apparently using common sense is against policy.


*Cartoon shamelessly lifted from TTAG