Saturday Morning Quick Hits: Nanny’s Everywhere

Nanny Bloomberg tells people to turn down your headphones.

You can hear it now… Parents in China telling their children “don’t wast food, there are starving kids in America that would love to eat that much food.”

After moving to Beijing to work at an agricultural newspaper, Mr Xu was shocked to see piles of half-finished dishes left on restaurant tables. After learning that the food wasted by Chinese university students could feed 10 million people a year, Mr Xu reached his boiling point.

In April 2012, he posted a photo on weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, showing his empty plate at the end of a meal. He urged others to do the same.

Mr Xu was the first person to promote an anti-waste campaign on weibo, although for months Operation Empty Plate received little attention.

“I assumed it would fade out like other weibo campaigns,” he explains.

That is, until Mr Xu received the ultimate endorsement: from the Communist Party’s new leader, Xi Jinping.

Even North Korea is jumping on the green energy revolution.

nork solar panel


Trade Deficit in U.S. Widens More Than Forecast on Oil

Oil supplies rose last week

It’s not all muscle cars and 4X4’s here at MCT: Delahaye Automobiles

Mechanical Engineer Emile Delahaye started his company on 1879 in Tours, France and soon began making four stroke internal combustion engines. By 1894 he had built his first car when he was 51 years old. After his death in 1905, the company had the good fortune to be run by Charles Wiffenbach, Georges Leon Desmarais, Pierre Peigney, Amedee Varlet and Jean Francois. Delahaye continued operations and in 1933 acquired the assets of the Delage Company, another French manufacturer who had earned a reputation for building elegant automobiles. Delahaye continued to manufacture cars until they closed their doors in 1954. Admirably, they survived the Depression, which was devastating in Europe. During that 75 year period, Delahaye and Delage produced, without question, some of the most opulent and downright sensual custom automobiles in history.

Very nice cars.

Delahaye 1 Delahaye 3 Delahaye 2

Video: The State is My Shepherd