The Freep and AAA are catching up to MCT: EV’s don’t hold a charge in cold weather

If you read the Detroit Free Press (Detroit’s more liberal paper) you would read about AAA’s report finding that Electric Vehicles really don’t hold a charge in really cold weather:

The AAA Automotive Research Center in Southern California found that the average range of an electric car dropped 57% in very cold weather — at 20 degrees Fahrenheit — and by 33% in extreme heat, a temperature of 95 degrees.

“We expected degradation in the range of vehicles in both cold and hot climates, but we did not expect the degradation we saw,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering.

Brannon said two of the vehicles, the Mitsubishi and the Ford, were equipped with dedicated management of the battery temperature. “We were expecting that difference would yield differences in the optimal range of the vehicles in extreme temperatures,” he said. “It did not.”

By the way, 20 degrees F is not exactly extreme cold in places like… Oh I don’t know… Metro Detroit.

As pointed out multiple times here at MCT, there is no getting around physics. Via MCT February 13th, 2013:

An electric car’s range being cut short in cold weather, now who could’ve seen that one coming?

Complain all you want Elon, batteries produce less charge in cold weather. Add to that running the heater and blower motor to keep the windscreen clear chews up a lot of battery power.

There is no getting around physics.

Eco-fanatics can hyp electric vehicles all they want, but they still aren’t ready for primetime and won’t be for a long time.

It seems Vladimir Putin forgot that Obama has “restored America’s standing in the world”

Remember when Obama declared that he has “restored America’s standing in the world?”

YouTube Preview Image

It seems Vladimir Putin has forgotten this little tidbit…

DRUDGE REPORT 2014 putin calls obama pranksterAnd before you say “there goes Matt Drudge again” here’s the pertinent quote from ABC News:

MOSCOW – Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed off President Obama’s sanction against him today asking “Comrade @BarackObama” if “some prankster” came up with the list.

I thought Obama & co. threatened “full-scale” sanctions. If these are “full-scale” what would regular sanctions would look like; billions of dollars in foreign aid subsidies?

MIT Tech Review finally catching up to MCT: Wealthy cities are more “green” than poor cites

MCT is ahead of the curve… Again…

Self loathing lib’s at MIT technology review are perplexed. They have discovered actual data contradicting their deep-seated belief that capitalism is bad for the environment:

That raises all kinds of questions about other aspects of city life. A particularly important one is whether big cities are greener than small ones, whether big cities emit more carbon dioxide per capita than small ones.

Today, we get an answer of sorts from Diego Rybski at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany and a few pals. These guys give an interesting twist to the debate. They say that big cities in rich countries are greener than small ones but big cities in poor ones are the opposite. And the transition occurs when the GDP per capita climbs above $10,000 per head.

Our self loathing libs can’t seem to wrap their heads around this new data.

The results imply that large cities in rich countries are more efficient than those in poor countries. But just why this should be is something of a puzzle. One possibility is that cities in the developed world are more focused on producing services whereas in the developing world, cities have more industry and so produce more carbon dioxode.

Uh no, it’s not because developed countries focus on “providing services” rather than manufacturing things. It has to do with the fact, that only wealthy countries and, by extension, wealthy cities can afford to worry about the environment.

third world children

As pointed out nearly four years ago here at MCT:

The truth is, if these guys truly cared about the environment, they would be working to protect our economy. Because only wealthy nations can afford to care about the environment. Poor countries can’t.

And that’s a fact.

If the sanctimonious lib’s at MIT Technology Review would bother leaving their ivory tower in Massachusetts and travel to the poor areas of Mexico, Eastern Europe or Asia they would understand that people there are more interested in living day-to-day than how much CO2 their activities are emitting into the atmosphere.

If radical environmentalist truly care about the environment, they would be hard-core free market capitalists. Of course we all know there not. Because it is abundantly clear  that the green movement’s true end-game is implementing socialism.

Shock Poll: Only 47% of Americans Say Tax Cuts Help The Economy

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.

Mark Twain


Despite news that President Obama is proposing $55 billion in new government spending and higher taxes in 2015, slightly fewer voters expect their own personal taxes to up during the remainder of his presidency. Most continue to believe increased spending hurts the economy, but for the first time, fewer than half of voters believe tax cuts help the economy.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 37% of Likely U.S. Voters expect their own personal taxes to go up under the Obama administration. That’s down eight points from December and is the lowest level measured since November 2012. Still, just eight percent (8%) expect their taxes to go down under Obama, while 43% expect them to remain about the same. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure.

Milton has a nice perspective about how increased spending is, in reality, is a tax increase:.

Therefore, every year as government spending increases, our true taxes increase. Is it any wonder that as more and more money and productivity are siphoned off to fund government spending, our economic growth stagnates.

Milton Friedman must become required reading / viewing because this poll result is completely crazy.

Sounds a lot like overpromising: EV’s don’t need maintenance; they are basically a big battery

Uhhh… O.K.:

The ability to repair a car via software is especially important when the vehicle itself consists of so much new technology that traditional mechanics don’t know how to fix. The flip side is that without an internal combustion engine, there’s not as much to fix. I’ve written before that a Tesla without its outer shell looks like a cell phone on wheels. It’s basically just a big battery. That means no spark plugs, no air filters, no fuel pumps, no timing belts. In short, Teslas don’t have any of the parts that force you to take your car in for “regularly scheduled maintenance” — services that can cost dearly at the dealer. But it’s hard to charge for an oil change when there’s no oil to be changed.

Say’s the guy who obviously knows very little about cars.

According to cheerleaders like our wired writer EV’s don’t have things like wheel speed sensors and other control electronics that might fail or electric motors with their own inherent problems and that are subject to wear. Heck, listening to our Wired friend even the tires and brakes will never need replacement (although I wouldn’t go to a dealership for tires or brakes).

And if an electric vehicle is really a cell phone on wheels then do not,under any circumstance, drop, forget to charge, or get your electric vehicle wet.

If your EV is basically a cell phone on wheels, I wonder if there is an OtterBox for electric vehicles…

**** h/t Insty for the Wired link****

Our “smart diplomacy” response to Putin invading Ukraine? Not just sanctions, but full-scale sanctions

Reagan peace through strength Quote

Russian troops are holding military maneuvers on Ukraine’s border ahead of Sunday’s referendum on Crimea secession. Via National Post:

The measure was passed as Russia confirmed that it was conducting military manoeuvres in the Rostov, Tambov and Belgorod regions near the Ukraine border, involving 8,500 ground troops, 270 tanks and 180 armoured personnel carriers. “The main purpose of these actions is to completely check teamwork of the units and make them implement combat missions on an unknown territory,” the Russian defence ministry said.

And what’s our “smart diplomacy” response to Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine? Not just any run of the mill sanctions. No, we are threatening Vladimir with full-scale sanctions:

Full-scale sanctions, which might include trade, banking and investment restrictions or even asset freezes according to London-based Standard Bank Group Ltd. and Macro Advisory in Moscow, would be triggered if Russia moves deeper into Ukraine.

The Western strategy is to confront Russia with the threat of “pretty stark” consequences should it conduct further incursions, Constanze Steltzenmueller, director of the German Marshall Fund, said by phone from Berlin. “Everything depends on what the Russians do after” Crimea, she said.

I’m sure Vladimir Putin is shaking in his boots over our latest threats. Via Business Insider:

“Russian trade and investment are spread across multiple jurisdictions, which points to a lack of dependence on any one country. Moreover, commodities – for which it is generally easy to find an alternative buyer – dominate exports: energy exports alone account for 66% of the total. Moreover, most Russian investment abroad ($406bn USD, end 2012) and foreign investment in Russia ($496bn USD, end 2012) is structured through offshore financial centers, which may make imposition of sanctions more challenging, although we suspect that most of the assets owned by Russian foreign investors, and most of the ultimate beneficiaries of foreign investment in Russia, are in OECD countries.”

In other words, sanctions, even the full scale type, won’t be effective.

Anyone paying attention over the last six years, particularly during the 2008 campaign knew full-well what Obama’s intentions were: economic redistribution, full on radical environmentalism and knocking the United States down on the world stage.

Remember this from the 2008 campaign?

YouTube Preview Image

Dear Leader’s intentions were quite clear even in 2008.

Budgets, Power & Ego: GOP establishment wants to fix, not repeal, ObamaCare

There is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress.

Mark Twain

The GOP establishment is more interested in fixing, and not repealing, ObamaCare. Via Rush Limbaugh today:

Now, their fixes might sound free market, conservatively oriented, this kind of thing. But the Republican establishment does not want to be identified in any way with any thought of getting rid of Obamacare. That’s the take-away. They just don’t. Now, we also will assume that the Republican establishment wants to win elections. Some people are not convinced of that.

Like some think the Senate leaders do not want to win, that they’re happier in the minority. There’s no challenge there, no real responsibility. They can’t be held accountable for anything. As a loser, you don’t have to put forth an agenda, don’t have to try to get it passed. They can just sit there in the minority and basically try to stop whatever they can, but that’s about it — and it’s easier.

Leading is tough. There are some who think that there are Republicans that really don’t want to win ’cause it’s harder. But the Republican establishment, they do want those committee chairmanships. They do want to be in charge of the money, and they don’t want government getting any smaller.

Of course, longtime MCT readers have known that politicians, D and R alike, relish the idea of being in charge of all that money flowing into Washington D.C. thanks to ObamaCare.

Via MCT September, 2013:

In business, as you rise within a company’s management ranks, the larger the budget (the amount of the companies money) you control. Job titles mean very little compared to the amount of company dollars at you disposal. Among executives, budgets are the great equalizer. Regardless of industry, the measure of a manager / executives importance to his organization is the amount of budget at his command.

It’s an ego thing.

Congress has adopted this philosophy as well. With continual expansion of the Federal budget, most Representatives and Senators work to seize ever larger portions of our national economy expanding members of Congress budgets. This expansion gives members greater power and influence. Once ObamaCare is sufficiently implemented, members of Congress will have trillions of additional dollars at their disposal to spend as they see fit- mostly to ensure he or she remains in office no matter what.

When the GOP lead House of Representatives caves on removing funding of ObamaCare (they will cave) from the federal budget, it will have less to do with receiving blame for a government shutdown or obscure parliamentary rules and more to do with budgets, power and ego.

It’s no wonder why so many conservatives are don’t trust the GOP establishment

Funny Video: How It’s Unmade- The Oreo

You’ve seen the hypnotic “How It’s Made” t.v. show. But, have you seen its companion  show “How It’s Unmade?” Here’s a clip of the show demonstrating how Oreo Cookies are unmade and raw materials extracted:

YouTube Preview Image

Very clever…

What could go wrong: Detroit Public Schools to convert abandoned campus to urban farm

When did ‘urban farming’ become all the rage?

Of course it will be too late when those involved with this boondoggle bothers breaking out a calculator and realizes that the ‘urban farm’ is cost prohibitive:

 Less than 50 years after it was built, Kettering High School was shut down in 2012 due to declining enrollment, rising maintenance costs and poor academic performance.

Two years later, the school district plans to grow new life into the east Detroit campus from the ground up — literally.

Detroit Public Schools officials plan Thursday to announce details of a project to turn the sprawling site at the corner of Van Dyke Road and I-94 into a 26.9-acre urban farm.

The announcement will come as part of a real estate developers conference on what to do with Detroit’s dozens of vacant former school buildings.

The school district plans to build eight hoop houses and start growing vegetables on the new Kettering Urban Agricultural Campus in 2014, with later phases to include food processing and distribution to students and the community, officials said Wednesday.

“I am certain that the innovative re-purposing of the Kettering property by our Office of School Nutrition will be of great benefit not only to our school community, but also to the surrounding community,” said DPS Emergency Manager Jack Martin in a statement.

This will be a certain money loser. Is it any wonder the Detroit Public School District is completely broke?

*** h/t Michigan Report ***