Budgets, Power & Ego: GOP establishment wants to fix, not repeal, ObamaCare

There is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress.

Mark Twain

The GOP establishment is more interested in fixing, and not repealing, ObamaCare. Via Rush Limbaugh today:

Now, their fixes might sound free market, conservatively oriented, this kind of thing. But the Republican establishment does not want to be identified in any way with any thought of getting rid of Obamacare. That’s the take-away. They just don’t. Now, we also will assume that the Republican establishment wants to win elections. Some people are not convinced of that.

Like some think the Senate leaders do not want to win, that they’re happier in the minority. There’s no challenge there, no real responsibility. They can’t be held accountable for anything. As a loser, you don’t have to put forth an agenda, don’t have to try to get it passed. They can just sit there in the minority and basically try to stop whatever they can, but that’s about it — and it’s easier.

Leading is tough. There are some who think that there are Republicans that really don’t want to win ’cause it’s harder. But the Republican establishment, they do want those committee chairmanships. They do want to be in charge of the money, and they don’t want government getting any smaller.

Of course, longtime MCT readers have known that politicians, D and R alike, relish the idea of being in charge of all that money flowing into Washington D.C. thanks to ObamaCare.

Via MCT September, 2013:

In business, as you rise within a company’s management ranks, the larger the budget (the amount of the companies money) you control. Job titles mean very little compared to the amount of company dollars at you disposal. Among executives, budgets are the great equalizer. Regardless of industry, the measure of a manager / executives importance to his organization is the amount of budget at his command.

It’s an ego thing.

Congress has adopted this philosophy as well. With continual expansion of the Federal budget, most Representatives and Senators work to seize ever larger portions of our national economy expanding members of Congress budgets. This expansion gives members greater power and influence. Once ObamaCare is sufficiently implemented, members of Congress will have trillions of additional dollars at their disposal to spend as they see fit- mostly to ensure he or she remains in office no matter what.

When the GOP lead House of Representatives caves on removing funding of ObamaCare (they will cave) from the federal budget, it will have less to do with receiving blame for a government shutdown or obscure parliamentary rules and more to do with budgets, power and ego.

It’s no wonder why so many conservatives are don’t trust the GOP establishment

Democrat John Dingell: It will take a while for ObamaCare to “control the people”

Watching guys like John Dingell, who’ve spent way too much time siphoning money from our economy and passing laws and edicts while not contributing a single nickle worth of economic growth, is galling.

What’s almost as irksome, is the fawning press coverage of Dingell’s retirement. Why isn’t the media, particularity the local media playing this clip where Democrat Dingell let’s his true colors show on a local morning radio show here in Detroit?

YouTube Preview Image

Yep, the progressive Democrat dream according to John Dingell is to “controlling the people.”

Lefty columnist on ObamaCare: “The cost is comparable to what I kicked in for a employer-provided plan”

After over half a billion dollars sent to Canada for coding, it’s good seeing that the ObamaCare web site is actually working.  According to lefty columnist Susan J. Demas @ MLive the ObamaCare web site works great:

I’m not the most tech-savvy person in the world, as my husband will readily attest. One of his projects today is helping me dump pictures from my phone to laptop.

So although I’m on record for appreciating many of the benefits of Obamacare — requiring coverage of prenatal and pregnancy care, preexisting conditions and mental health — I expected problems signing up.

After all, it’s easy to stumble across stories of people complaining about higher prices and assorted online glitches. It’s been a public relations disaster for President Obama’s administration, which has had to hire new firm to handle the site after Feb. 28.

But my experience on Healthcare.gov was anything but a horror story.

Great, she was able to click your way through the web site. What did our lefty columnist purchase on the shiny new website?

The site turned out to be as easy to use as Amazon. There were no error screens to be found.

I was able to shop for insurance like I do for flights. The plans and details were all listed with the monthly premium in big, bold type — no muss, no fuss.

And I was pleasantly surprised by the cost. I found a gold plan (the second-highest level) for my family with a low deductible for less than half of similar plans I priced out before the Obamacare exchange started up.

The cost is comparable to what I kicked in for a employer-provided plan — and the coverage is far better.

I know my private sector employer kicks in a lot more than I do for my health insurance, so it’s reasonable to assume that millions of taxpayers (like me) are kicking in a hefty chunk for people like Ms. Demas health insurance.

I think a “thank you” to the American taxpayer is in order.

“I’ve been a cheerleader for the Affordable Care Act and assumed it was designed for people in my situation”

Another Obama believer has been smacked in the face by the hard reality that there truly are no free lunches. Via See B.S.:

One Oregon mother says that she is unable to afford health insurance for her and her 18-month-old son because it’s too expensive.

The woman — who wishes to remain anonymous — tells KOIN-TV that she originally championed President Barack Obama’s signature health care law because she thought it would help people in her situation.

“I’ve been a cheerleader for the Affordable Care Act since I heard about it and I assumed that it was designed for people in my situation,” she told KOIN. “I was planning on using the Affordable Care Act and I had done the online calculator in advance to make sure I was going to be able to afford it.”

Her husband works for a non-profit organization that pays for his health care, but the couple is unable to afford to have her and their son covered under his plan. And she’s been told their combined income is too much to qualify for a subsidized health care plan under Cover Oregon.

“It wasn’t until I started the process and got an agent that I started hearing from them I wasn’t going to qualify for subsidies because I qualify on my husband’s insurance,” she told KOIN.

If we rewind the tape and remind our cheerleader that we on the right have been warning all along that we should never put our healthcare system in the hands of the government, she probably would’ve flipped out and ranted uncontrollably about how us on the right are racist teabaggers.

You know it would happen, because it has.

Seriously, only watch the first 40 seconds, no need to subject yourself to more than that.

YouTube Preview Image

Lib’s are such an unhappy bunch. I don’t understand why anyone would want to assoicate with them.

Our Obamacare future: England’s NHS bosses warn alcohol’s burden on the NHS is unsustainable

As expected, Democrats are crowing a bit as their stupid Obamacare web site is handling slightly more than a single user at a time.

However, if you want to get a glimpse to what’s in store for We The People in the not to distant future once Obamacare morphs (as planned) into a single payer system becoming entrenched into every facet our daily lives. Look at what is going on in England and their single payer health care system:

More than half a million people have been hospitalised in the past three years because of drink or drugs, with those in their 40s behind a surge in cases that is putting a strain on the NHS, official figures reveal.

A total of 533,302 people in England have been admitted to hospital as an emergency since 2010 with serious health problems related to their consumption of alcohol or illicit substances. The vast majority were admissions for conditions specifically related to alcohol abuse, such as liver problems. Of those, 60,738 were aged 40 to 44 and another 60,083 were 45 to 49 – together, more than a fifth of the total. Some were admitted a number of times between 2010 and 2013.


Doctors’ leaders and NHS bosses warned that alcohol’s burden on the NHS was unsustainable. “It is vital that we take more action to tackle the impact of excessive alcohol consumption on the UK’s population and the NHS,” said a spokesman for the British Medical Association. “As the Dr Foster research highlights, this is a problem that affects large numbers of people across all age groups and as a result places serious strain on a number of already overstretched NHS services.

Just imagine flipping on your TV and listening to a faceless (and unelected) bureaucrat scolding us how the average American is too overweight, or drinks too much, or doesn’t get enough exercise.

Nice going low information voters.

Story shamelessly lifted from Timmy.

WaPo: “Obamas are in some ways working parents who face a set of decisions not unfamiliar to others their age”

Gaaak! Talk about a softball article from the WaPo, on the day the ObamaCare website misses ANOTHER deadline no less. Via The WaPo:

Sasha would be a high school sophomore at the end of the president’s second term, giving the family a couple years to enjoy, or endure, Washington as private citizens.

“We gotta make sure that she’s doing well . . . until she goes off to college,” Obama told Walters, according to an advance transcript of the interview, which aired Friday night. “Sasha will have a big say in where we are.”

For a couple who celebrate the city of Chicago as often as they skewer Washington’s nasty political culture, the suggestion that they may stick around past the constitutionally mandated time is surprising. And it highlights the reality that despite the cloistered and well-supported lifestyle of the American presidency, the Obamas are in some ways working parents who face a set of decisions not unfamiliar to others their age.

Obama is just like other working parents? He’s a working parent who acts like a third world dictator who is more concerned about his legacy than the people of our countries well being.

Oh, by the way, wait until 80 million Americans receive cancellation letters from their health insurance providers due to Mr. “Working Parent” quest for his legacy at all costs.

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt: WaPo lefties still hope ObamaCare becomes a success

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.
Mark Twain

If you simply focus on the stupidly expensive ObamaCare web site and ignore the millions of people losing their private insurance, then yes, ObamaCare will eventually become a success:

One way or the other, HealthCare.Gov isn’t going to be that kind of a disaster. But it could certainly prove to be its own kind of disaster if, unexpectedly, the digital architecture proves unsalvageable and no reasonable workaround is created. But again, the politics here will be driven by the reality. If the policy continues to fail, then there’s nothing the White House can do to keep from being dragged down. Conversely, if the Web site is fixed come mid-December, and the policy begins working pretty well, then there’s no amount of Republican messaging that can make it a failure.

Sure… The over $600 million web site will get fixed, but this will only be the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until stories of physicians and hospitals not accepting ObamaCare patients, exorbitant co-pays and the day when the ‘employer mandate’ kicks in and tens of millions more people lose their employer provided health insurance plans.

Left will try anything to change the subject

How bad is it going for Dear Leader and his ObamaCare disaster?

So bad that leftists like Chris Cillizza from WaPo’s “The Fix” blog have taken to posting fawning profiles of Democrats favorite RINO, Chris Christie. They have even gone so far as Christie, the Republican version of Bill Clinton.

No really, they are calling Christie the next Bill Clinton:

Chris Christie: So hot right now.
That’s the sentiment among the Republican political class these days as the New Jersey governor nears what is expected to be a sweeping re-election victory on Tuesday in the Democratic-friendly state of New Jersey. Here’s how one plugged-in Republican consultant responded when asked how we should rank the current 2016 field:

Christie is in the 1 slot now and forevermore — he’s about to get huge margins in his historic reelection in a blue state –he’s the successful model for our Party (from a political perspective) and his governing success is exactly what our country needs from a fiscal perspective. He can compete in about 40 of 50 states. Who else can do that AND run as a conservative? No one.

Christie is increasingly seen as the one candidate who might be able to bridge the divide between the establishment and the tea party that is in the process of ripping the party apart. In that way, Republicans are hoping that he can do for their side what Bill Clinton did in the early 1990s for a Democratic party that was similarly divided — heal what looks to be an un-healable wound through force of personality and a demonstrated record of success as a governor.
Now, comparing up and coming politicians to Bill Clinton is sort of like saying that “_______” is going to be the next Michael Jordan.

Gak… Anything to avoid discussing the millions who’ve discovered that even though they like their plans they can’t keep them it thanks to ObamaCare.

Of course, we won’t let leftists like Chris Cillizza change the subject.

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percentage of americans  losing their current healt car plan