Folk Cover of Van Halen?

Something a little different for New Year’s Eve. Here’s a folk cover of Van Halen’s Hear About It Later, one of my all time favorite VH tunes, from their Fair Waring CD (Cd…I’m so old school).

Not that I’m a folkie or anything like that, but the cover does work.

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A little background on the video and perfomers via VHND:

Here’s a very unique and beautiful interpretation of a classic Van Halen tune, from a lovely couple standing in a shower. Nashville-based cosmopolitan-folk duo Ryegrass gives us their version of what they call “the best Van Halen song of all time,” Fair Warning‘s “Hear About It Later.”

Faye and Mike from Ryegrass say, “Don’t let our game faces fool you – we had a ball doing this!” Very nice, guys.

And the song in it’s natural state:

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Anyhow, Happy New Year!

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry stands for free speech defending Duck Dynasty (plus Walk This Way 1977 video)

It’s good seeing entertainers taking a stand for free speech:

Good stuff! Speaking of good stuff, here’s Aerosmith performing Walk This Way back in 1977:

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Too cool!

Christmas Music: The Beach Boys – Little St. Nick

milford weatherSince the weather has gone from ridiculously cold (last week) to lot’s of snow this weekend, I think it’s time for a Beach Boys Christmas tune.

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And haulin’ through the snow at a frightenin’ speed
With a half a dozen deer with Rudy to lead
He’s gotta wear his goggles ’cause the snow really flies
And he’s cruisin’ every pad with a little surprise

Sunday Morning Links: Blue Christmas

If you’ve read MCT for any length of time, you know I’m a big fan of Christmas and Christmas music. It’s nice dragging out old Christmas standards, recalling a time when you could wish a passerby “Merry Christmas” without a politically correct scold giving you a hard time.

Enough of my nostalgia.

Blue Christmas was written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson and originally recorded by Doye O’Dell in 1948. There were several subsequent recordings of Blue Christmas between 1948 and 1957, then Elvis recorded the song and made it his own.

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Now, on to the links…

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WWTFT: The Smell of Politics by Curtice Mang
TheCL: The Most Successful Ponzi Scheme Ever
WixomWeb: First, remember that the so-called justice system is stacked against you
CH2.0: Federal Lawsuit Filed After Public School Banned Meet You at the Pole Flyers, Allowed Obscene Lyrics Instead
Hogewash: A Martian Panorama

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Bunker: FTC now becomes the piano teachers police!
Asylum Watch: Do Facts Matter More Than Rhetoric and Social Visions?
TMGGB: It’s That Time Of Year Again.
CC: Government With No Giveaways is the Worst Fear for Democrats
FCBZ: National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Gator: Jobless Rate May Have Been Rigged – Investigation Underway As Data Falsification Suspected

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Jen: Does Chris Christie Ever Shut Up?
Tom: AFVet speaks out on ObamaCare with an Internet Solution
LaS: The Tryptophan Interregnum of 2013
PR: Obama Defends Wealth Redistribution
Spellchek: The Obama lie list has grown longer than Pinocchio’s nose

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Merry Christmas!