CNN’s noted plagiarist Fareed Zakaria is descending from irrelevance to self parody

General Eisenhower Behind the Wheel of a Jeep

“There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence, and energy of her citizens can not cure.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

CNN’s noted plagiarist Fareed Zakaria is descending from irrelevance to self parody by comparing Obama to President Dwight D. Eisenhower when Zakaria is asked how historians will view Dear Leader’s foreign policy and responds with this:

No, I think you see the basic outlines. More than any other president, I think Obama follows in Dwight Eisenhower’s mold. He is very restrained and disciplined about the use of force.

Zakaria misses the mark by a mile. A better historical comparison to Obama’s foreign policy would be Neville Chamberlain. Zakaria is confusing appeasement of our enemies and inaction in support of our allies with discipline and restraint.

Any comparison between the World War II Supreme Allied Commander in the European Theater of Operations / President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Obama is laughable.

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Governor Snyder (R-MI) can’t pass opportunity to pander for votes through minimum wage increase

As pointed out ad nauseam here at MCT, government doesn’t have wealth. All government can do is transfer wealth from one group to another.

Increasing the minimum wage is one tool (although temporarily) government can utilize to transfer money from the consumer class to low skilled workers. This transfer occurs through higher prices necessitated from legislated higher wages business need to offset.

Of course this artificial increase in the minimum wage not only hurts business and consumers, it also hurts low skilled workers by making them more expensive to employ, reducing the number of minimum wage jobs available.

It goes without saying, from a political point of view, the pandering opportunity the minimum wage issue presents to politicians is simply too tempting to pass up:

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation Tuesday to raise the state’s minimum wage by 25 percent gradually over the next four years to $9.25 an hour, as Republicans controlling the state government moved to head off a November ballot measure that could have raised pay even more.

The House and Senate passed the bill Tuesday, one day before a group of labor and community organizers planned to submit hundreds of thousands of petition signatures calling for a Michigan ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

The current hourly minimum wage is $7.40.

The higher rate is supported by President Barack Obama and national Democrats, who have made the minimum wage a signature issue this election year. Snyder is up for re-election this year, as are many Michigan state legislators.

Michigan is the first state with a Republican-led legislature to raise its minimum wage this year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Why do the right thing in the long run when there is a chance for politicians to pander for votes in the upcoming election by spreading the wealth around…

Video: Local TV News tracks down illegal voters in Florida

Check this out.

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Um… Where is Detroit Free Press Uber Liberal columnist Rochelle Riley apology column? Remember when Ms. Riley wrote this?

But if any American is not allowed to vote, as happened in the 2000 presidential election, then our entire democracy is a fraud.

Well, a TV reporter in Florida, committing a random act of journalism, tracked down and verified 94 illegal aliens who cast votes in numerous elections, thereby cancelling out 94 legitimate votes.

And the 94 incidents of voter fraud they found occurred in only one Florida district. Imagine what we would find if reporters in other districts looked into this.

Of course Democrats don’t think this is a big issue because, truth be told, most illegals aren’t voting for Republicans.

*** h/t Instapundit for pointing out the video ***

Let this statistic sink in, nearly 1 of 3 pregnancies in Detroit end in an abortion

“While I am very pleased that this year’s outcome document endorses sexual and reproductive health and universal access to family planning, to reach our goals in sustainable development we also have to ensure women’s reproductive rights,”

Hillary Clinton, Rio+20 United Nations conference, June 22nd, 2012

This morning as I perused the internet before setting off on my daily slog to work, my jaw hit my desk as I read this statistic:

Of an estimated 18,360 pregnancies among Detroit residents in 2012, the most recent year for which data are available, 5,693 ended in abortion, or 31 percent.

Let that number sink in. Nearly 1 of 3 pregnancies in Detroit end in an abortion.
The Detroit News (our supposedly more conservative paper) helpfully explains why so many abortions happen here.

Nearly one-third of all pregnancies in the city of Detroit end in abortion, a statistic public health officials blame on rising poverty and dwindling access to affordable contraception.

If the staggeringly high abortion rate in Detroit is due to the lack of ‘affordable’ contraception (as if a box of condoms is prohibitively expensive) as the unnamed public health official says, then isn’t it true that abortion is being used as a substitute for actual contraception?

Go Figure: Bond Firms Reduce NYC  Holdings Due to de Blasio’s ‘Progressive Agenda’

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.

Alexis de Tocqueville 

Bod firms are becoming very nervous with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio;s Progressive Agenda:

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to pay for labor contracts that boost deficits is causing UBS Global Asset Management Americas Inc. and RidgeWorth Capital Management Inc. to reduce holdings of city debt.
UBS cut its allocation of New York bonds in some of its national funds to as low as zero from as high as 3 percent, said Ebby Gerry, who helps oversee about $15 billion of state and local debt in New York as head of municipal investments. De Blasio this month announced a union deal that stretches out payments to teachers through 2021 and an affordable-housing program that will cost the city $8.2 billion.

“We’re concerned with what Mayor de Blasio might do in working with the unions, things like this housing project that he’s looking at with not having a full understanding of how he’s going to pay for it,” Gerry said. “We’re watching pretty closely.”

While the extra yield that investors demand to buy New York City general obligations rather than top-rated munis has decreased this year, bondholder defections may reverse that trend, sending borrowing costs higher. Moody’s Investors Service on May 12 called de Blasio’s fiscal 2015 spending plan “credit negative” because it boosts projected deficits.

The bond firms eliminating their NYC holdings have internalized the lesson of Detroit’s bankruptcy caused by its progressive agenda. Too bad voters haven’t…

Climatologists think El Nino might return this year, but aren’t sure

They tell us the science is settled. Global warming will melt the polar ice caps, submerging the coasts under feet of water in 100 years if we don’t hand over our economy to bureaucrats, trashing our economy in the process. However, when push comes to shove, the same crowd predicting, with certainty, doom and gloom in one hundred years can’t tell us what is going to happen in the next three months:

According to NASA climatologist Bill Patzert, “a pattern of sea surface heights and temperatures has formed that reminds me of the way the Pacific looked in the spring of 1997.” Data collected by a NASA satellite shows a series of “Kelvin waves,” or massive oceanic ripples that could suggest an upcoming El Nino. It will take a few months before we know whether or not we’ll seen a El Nino this year.

O.K. they aren’t sure if an El Nino is forming. But if it does form, you would think climatologists would have an idea what will happen. Right?

If we do see an El Nino event in 2014, it’s not totally clear what that would mean for the U.S. The Midwest could see a cooler than usual— or warmer than usual —summer depending on when the weather event hits, reports CBS Chicago

Could be warmer than normal, or it could be cooler than normal. Way to narrow it down guys.

Of course, our government is planning to cripple our economy based on this sketchy pseudo-science.

Take that Twitter Hashtag: Armed Nigerian villagers strike back against Boko Haram

The only way to stop bad guys with guns is good guys with guns:

Locals in Nigeria’s northern states have been forming vigilante groups in various areas to resist the militant group who have held more than 270 schoolgirls captive since last month.

In Kalabalge, a village about 250 kilometers (155 miles) from the Borno state capital of Maiduguri, residents said they were taking matters into their own hands because the Nigerian military is not doing enough to stem Boko Haram attacks.

On Tuesday morning, after learning about an impending attack by militants, locals ambushed two trucks with a gunmen, a security official told The Associated Press. At least 10 militants were detained, and scores were killed, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to give interviews to journalists. It was not immediately clear where the detainees were being held.

Oh… BTW, Nigeria has very onerous gun laws. However, when the rubber meets the road, and people need to defend their homes and families they were able to scrounge up the necessary firearms to fight back. Imagine if the citizens of Nigeria had an actual, guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

*** H/T TTAG ***

Detroit Free Press cite Masters Candidate report as justification for GPS based mileage tax

Leftists at Detroit’s more liberal paper are so giddy at the prospect of implementing new (and more importantly, higher) mileage tax, they will grasp at anything to bolster their case, even a college student’s paper:

“Instead of continuing to raise fuel taxes to pay for transportation infrastructure, a mileage fee could more fairly allocate costs based on the number of miles driven, the time of day, the route taken, and the weight of the vehicle,” the report says.

Elizabeth Treutel, a master of urban planning candidate at U-M and one of the authors of the report, said moving to such a system is probably five to 10 years away, but the report is partly intended to start a conversation.

“Having Michigan in the forefront would kind of allow Michigan to take the lead and shape and control how this is done,” Treutel said.

Several states and public institutions are studying the potential for a mileage fee policy, including Texas, Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin and Nevada. There’s also a legislative proposal in California.

Well, if a college student, working toward their master’s degree says this is a good idea, why, it should be good enough for us simple rubes who commute to our job’s day in and day out.

Of course, the geniuses working on their ‘advanced’ degrees seem to miss the gaping hole in their ‘master’ plan:

There are also issues surrounding whether motorists would think the system is fair, what technology would be used, and how the fee would be administered and paid.

Treutel said such a system would allow motorists to adjust the size of car they drive, how far they drive, and possibly when and where they drive to save on costs.

Heavier vehicles would pay more, and one possible plan would charge more for driving heavily congested roads at peak times and offer a discounted per-mile rate during off-peak times.

It’s not like we are in this situation because our beloved government mandated higher fuel efficiency standards and implemented weak dollar fiscal policies driving up the cost of fuel, causing drivers to purchase less fuel, cutting into the government’s tax receipts. If a mileage tax comes to fruition, you know people will work overtime circumventing this latest cash grabbing scheme.

Plus, I’m sure everyone is going to more than happy having the government track when and where you drive…

Liberalism run amok: University bans fencing due to zero tolerance “weapons” policy


Seriously, lib’s need to get a grip:

The newly formed fencing club at North Dakota State University (NDSU) cannot practice on campus thanks to the university’s weapons policy.

“The current interpretation of the non-weapon policy in NDSU…understands our fencing equipment as weapons,” Enrique Alvarez, the club’s coach, told Valley News Live.

The swords the club uses have no sharp points or blades. The tips are flat and spring-loaded. Still, the university deems them weapons; as such, possession or use of the swords is prohibited on university owned or controlled property.

Liberals have descended into absurdity.

7000 Touch-screen kiosks: McDonald’s answer to high cost of doing business in Europe

McDonald’s replaces 7000 cashiers in restaurants across Europe with touch-screen kiosks:

The hiring picture doesn’t look quite so rosy for Europe, where the fast food chain is drafting 7,000 touch-screen kiosks to handle cashiering duties.

The move is designed to boost efficiency and make ordering more convenient for customers. In an interview with the Financial Times, McDonald’s Europe President Steve Easterbrook notes that the new system will also open up a goldmine of data. McDonald’s could potentially track every Big Mac, McNugget, and large shake you order.

Make it more expensive to do business (i.e. increase the minimum wage or corporate taxes) and it’s the lower skill workers who bear the brunt of the cutbacks.

h/t Insty…