Cool Video: 2014 Corvette, Astronauts and an Epic Road Trip

This very cool web video from Motor Trend combines several of my favorite interests History, Space Exploration and Corvettes in one story:

YouTube Preview Image

Seeing the Astrovette in the video reminds me of this MCT post from last summer.


Also, watching the video reminds me of the trip I made to the Kennedy Space Center in 2012. I took the Then and Now tour las time, and need to take one of the other tours offered.

High performing counterterrorism organization? TSA seizes miniature toy gun from sock puppet

From the TSA Home Page:

Protect the Nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

Provide the most effective transportation security in the most efficient way as a high performing counterterrorism organization.

How can anyone consider a group of armed security guards who seize toy guns from a sock puppet a “high performing counterterrorism organization”?

May has a small business selling unique sock monkey dolls. She says she and her husband were on their way from St. Louis to Sea-Tac and she had a couple of monkeys and sewing supplies with her in a carry-on bag.

“His pistol was in there,” she says of the sock monkey “Rooster Monkburn,” a take-off on John Wayne character “Rooster Cogburn” from the film “True Grit.”

May and her husband were going through the screening process when she noticed that one of her bags was missing.

“And the (TSA agent) held it up and said ‘whose is this?’” she said. “I realized oh, my God this is my bag.”

May said the TSA agent went through the bag, through the sewing supplies and found the two-inch long pistol.

“She said ‘this is a gun,’” said May. “I said no, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey.”

“She said ‘If I held it up to your neck, you wouldn’t know if it was real or not,’ and I said ‘really?’” said May.

The TSA agent told May she would have to confiscate the tiny gun and was supposed to call the police.

“I said well go ahead,” said May. “And I said really? You’re kidding me right, and she said no it looks like a gun.”

“She took my monkey’s gun,” said May, who has retained her sense of humor.

“Rooster Monkburn has been disarmed so I’m sure everyone on the plane was safe,” she said.

While this nonsense and thousands of other incidents just like it are happening, real security threats are overlooked.

sock puppet 1

You could cause more havoc with a pencil.

Slow Time Cafe: Time Is Money At German Coffee Shop

latte art

Leave it to someone raised in the former Soviet Union to fully appreciate capitalism.

The 24-year-old Daria Volkova, who came to Germany from Russia in 2008, opened the ‘Slow Time’ café in the middle of April. For now her goal is to make enough money from the café to support herself and her six-year-old son, according to the website of news magazine Der Spiegel.

“I hope to capture the spirit of the times,” Volkova told Der Spiegel.

Customers are charged €0.05 per minute, amounting to €3.00 an hour. When they come in the door, Volkova gives them a wristband with the time marked on it. When they leave they hand it back and their bill is calculated to the minute.

The concept of time is turned on its head, with several clocks purposely showing different times. The intention is for people to forget about time and focus on those around them. “It’s easier – and cheaper – to meet people here than in a bar, where you have to buy expensive drinks,” Volkova said.

Customers are allowed to have as much coffee as they want, and they can even bring their own food. The entire space is supposed to feel like a living room, with books, board games and slippers provided.

The 75 square-metre room has space for about 25 customers and to make money, Volkova needs eleven people to come in an hour. So far, she hasn’t been able to break even, Der Spiegel reported. However, she is confident that things will take off in the coming months. She has few expenses and only needs one other member of staff to run the café.

Clever idea…Slow Time Cafe

Looks like a nice place.

No restaurant tipping: Another bad European idea waiting to cross the Atlantic

Another bad idea that started in Europe is beginning to seep toward us…

A sushi restaurant in Midtown Manhattan has eliminated tipping from the fine dining experience. Instead, the 14-year old Japanese restaurant, Sushi Yasuda, has opted to pay its workers a set salary and increase the price of menu items by 15 percent to compensate for employee wages.

The move is closer to the European dining system, in which patrons do not tip, but are accustomed to paying an extra 18 to 20 on dinner bills to compensate for wait staff salaries.

I’m sure the system will work great at the one N.Y.C. sushi restaurant. However, if this idea catches on at your local Ruby Tuesday, be prepared to see a marked drop in the quality of service. If you speak to a traveler from Europe, one thing they always comment on is the great service they get in U.S. restaurants.

Why mess it up?

Sunday Morning Links: The Illegal Water Tower Nightclub

If the clientele didn’t include a bunch of pretentious hipsters this would be fun:

In New York City there are plenty of places to get drunk, starting with my kitchen. But most crave a more glamorous experience, and in a city of millions, glamor is often equated with exclusivity and secrecy. Faux speakeasys have become as much of a cliché as drunken fistfights in the Meatpacking District. Yet for a brief period earlier this year, a group of artists ran a true speakeasy in the most unusual of locations: A water tower atop an abandoned building in Chelsea.

As reported by the Times, the Night Heron was masterminded by artist N.D. Austin, who seeks to create “trespass theater.” Austin developed a clever, and perfectly legal, method to research which Manhattan buildings might be abandoned; he and his team then created the entirely illegal experience of having select guests climb twelve flights of stairs and a ladder, emerging through a trapdoor into a cylindrical cedar space occupied by a bartender, booze and even a band.

The Night Heron was as exclusive as it was lawless. The only way to get in was to be handed a pocket watch by a prior guest (who had been instructed to offer minimal explanation), report to a street corner at a certain time, and call a number pasted inside the watch. Mysterious helpers led guests through one decrepit building into another and up 12 flights of stairs to the roof. The watches were taken at the door, but guests were given the chance to buy watches at the end of the night if they wanted to continue the chain of invitation.

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water tower nightclub 1

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water tower night club 2

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water tower night club 4 water tower night club 3

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Sunday Morning Links: Dakar Rally Photos

This is so cool…

The adventure began back in 1977, when Thierry Sabine got lost on his motorbike in the Libyan desert during the Abidjan-Nice Rally. Saved from the sands in extremis, he returned to France still in thrall to this landscape and promising himself he would share his fascination with as many people as possible. He proceeded to come up with a route starting in Europe, continuing to Algiers and crossing Agadez before eventually finishing at Dakar. The founder coined a motto for his inspiration: “A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.” Courtesy of his great conviction and that modicum of madness peculiar to all great ideas, the plan quickly became a reality. Since then, the Paris-Dakar, a unique event sparked by the spirit of adventure, open to all riders and carrying a message of friendship between all men, has never failed to challenge, surprise and excite. Over the course of almost thirty years, it has generated innumerable sporting and human stories.

This year’s Rally is in South America, leading to spectacular photographs of the event.

2013 Dakar Rally

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2013 Dakar Rally 1

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2013 Dakar Rally - Day One

Sunday Morning Links: The Soviet Bus Stop Edition

Obama and his fellow D’s think “Government’s the only thing we all belong to.

The Soviets did as well.

Furthermore, the Soviets also thought “everything the people earned belonged to the government” much like Democrats today. Today Democrats have softened this philosophy by calling this idea “paying your fair share” because it is your patriotic duty.

Come to think of it, the Soviets were big on “patriotism” as well.

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Great Day in Frankenmuth Michigan

Took a short day trip yesterday to Frankenmuth, Michigan’s “Little Bavaria.”

One must see is Bronners CHRISTmas Wonderland, the World’s Largest Christmas Store. They aren’t kidding when they say “world’s largest.” The place is enormous.

Bronners will instantly puts you in the Christmas spirit. If you’re a Liberal, Democrat or a Liberal Democrat; it might take a little longer.

And here are a few walking around pics …

Frankenmuth is a excellent place for a day or weekend trip.