Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Schauer (D) Admits Voting in Republican Primary

One term Democrat Congressman Mark (hey I voted for Obama’s stimulus… I mean jobs bill) Schauer admits to crossing party lines and voting in Michigan’s 2012 Republican Presidential primary:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer admitted Wednesday he voted Republican in Michigan’s 2012 presidential primary, but declined to say who he voted for.

Democratic President Barack Obama was unopposed in the Feb. 28, 2012 presidential primary.

But Republicans had a closely fought primary between former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and Michigan native Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts. Nine other Republicans were on the crowded primary ballot that year.

What a stand up guy…

“My vote is private, just like everybody else,” Schauer told reporters after an event on women’s issues in Lansing. “That’s a private matter. I mean, there was no competition, there was nothing to vote for on the Democratic side of the ballot. I try not to miss any elections.”

Romney narrowly won Schauer’s home county of Calhoun County in the 2012 presidential primary, garnering 4,801 votes to Santorum’s 4,614 votes. Democratic Party leaders at the time discouraged Democrats from crossing-over to vote for Santorum and deliver Romney a loss in the state where his father was governor.

And this guy want’s to be Governor of our state.

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One other Schauer “fun-fact” is he likes to get his protest on.

If access to water is a “human right” then why should anyone have to pay a water bill?

The reason this country continues its drift toward socialism and big nanny government is because too many people vote in the expectation of getting something for nothing, not because they have a concern for what is good for the country.

Lyn Nofziger

Recently, water bills have become a hot topic here in the Detroit area. Due to the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, the Detroit Water and Sewage Department has stepped water shutoff’s to delinquent ‘customers.

How many people and businesses don’t bother paying their water bill in the city of Detroit? Around 50%.

In March, it was reported that some 165,000 of the water department’s 323,900 business, school, and commercial accounts were overdue, and more than 154,000 of 296,000 residential accounts were delinquent. The department took the position that water bills that were more than 60 days behind, would be shut off. In April, DWSD sent 44,273 shut-off notices, and 3,025 customers were actually shut off for non-payment.

Another way to look at this is Detroit Water and Sewage customers that bother paying their bill are subsidising a whole lot of freeloaders. And, it’s not just DWSD’s paying customers within the city limits who are footing the bill for those not paying.

Oakland County is on the verge of telling Detroit to take its ball and go home.

That ball is the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Today, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ finance committee voted unanimously to create a $3 million fund to study developing an independent water and sewer entity. Currently, DWSD serves 85.6 percent of Oakland County residents and 4 million customers in Southeast Michigan.

Remember how dear leader said it’s good to spread the wealth around? This is exactly what he meant.

Predictably, when it became known DWSD began shutting off water due to non-payment, lefties everywhere pounced making the water shut-offs cause célèbre in many circles.

Nine people were arrested Friday as more than 1,000 people from across the nation rallied in Detroit against the city’s ramped-up effort to collect from delinquent water customers by shutting off service to thousands of residents each month.

Some called the city’s policy a human rights issue; others cited it as a major public health concern.

Following the protesters ‘logic’ that access to free water is a human rights issue, why should anyone pay a water bill?

Our human rights protesters are illustrating Milton Friedman’s classic “Free Lunch Myth” perfectly.

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If someone is truly in need, that’s one thing however, when people blatantly abuse the system, that is an entirely different story.

Income Inequality: Leftist push for higher salary’s when the better solution is tax cuts 

Low information voters (and their enablers) continually grouse about income inequality. For example, this article from Detroit’s more liberal paper tries to make the case that occupations such as nurses and ‘government employees’ should receive higher wages.

The remainder of occupations fall somewhere in between the lowest and highest earners. While the rest of these jobs are paid higher than minimum wage, many occupations deserve higher pay when you compare each worker’s salary to the pay received by the boss. Certain occupations, however, stand out as especially deserving of a higher paycheck. These are occupations that involve a high level of education, training, skills, or tenacity. The abilities and responsibilities of these workers are not at all reflected in their paychecks.

Low information voters will casually glance at this article and nod in agreement. The problem is both the low information voter, and the article’s author, miss the point.

The point is an individual’s compensation in a given occupation is based on the amount of revenue he or she generates for their employer (or themselves, if self employed). It doesn’t matter how much education, training, skills, or tenacity a person has. The amount of money you generate for your employer determines your wages, just as if you are self employed. It’s the free market at work.

For example you could attain a Master’s Degree in Puppetry, spend years training at the art, be a skilled puppeteer and work extremely hard at the craft. However, at the end of the day, your compensation as a freelancer (or working for whoever hires a puppeteer) will be based solely how much money people are willing to pay to watch your performance and nothing more.

Another argument populist politicians and their liberal activist supporters use to justify wage increases is that “income inequality” is rampant today and higher taxes are required on high wage earners so it can be redistributed it to lower earners. Just as a Socialist Democrat / Liberal makes a terrible economists, they also are terrible historians. Take a look at this list of the 30 wealthiest Americans of all time (adjusted for inflation).

#30: James C. Flood – Net Worth $34 Billion
#29: Peter AB Widener – Net Worth $35 Billion
#28: Collis Potter Huntington – Net Worth $36 Billion
#27: George Pullman – Net Worth $37 Billion
#26: Henry C. Frick – Net Worth $39.3 Billion
#25: Oliver H Payne – Net Worth $40.4 Billion
#24: JP Morgan – Net Worth $41.5 Billion
#23: Henry Huttleston Rogers – Net Worth $42.6 Billion
#22: Edward Henry Harriman – Net Worth $42.7 Billion
#21: John I Blair – Net Worth $47 Billion
#20: Russell Sage – Net Worth $47 Billion
#19: Moses Taylor – Net Worth $48.1 Billion
#18: William Weightman – Net Worth $48.1 Billion
#17: James G. Fair – Net Worth $49.2 Billion
#16: Andrew W. Mellon – Net Worth $50.5 Billion
#15: Richard B. Mellon – Net Worth $50.5 Billion
#14: Henry Ford – Net Worth $54 Billion
#13: Warren Buffett – Net Worth $64 Billion
#12: Sam Walton – Net Worth $65 Billion
#11: Marshall Field – Net Worth $66 Billion
#10: Stephen Van Rensselaer – Net Worth $68 Billion
#9: Jay Gould – Net Worth $71 Billion
#8: Friedrich Weyerhauser – Net Worth $80 Billion
#7: A.T. Stewart – Net Wort $90 Billion
#6: Stephen Girard – Net Worth $105 Billion
#5: John Jacob Astor – Net Worth $121 Billion
#4: Bill Gates – Net Worth $136 Billion
#3: Cornelius Vanderbilt – Net Worth $185 Billion
#2: Andrew Carnegie – Net Worth $310 Billion
#1: John D. Rockefeller – Net Worth $340 Billion

Note that combining the fortunes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the duo only finish a distant third on the list.

Rockefeller was worth a staggering 1.53% of the total United States economy while Bill Gates, at the peak of the dot-com bubble, was worth 0.58% of the U.S. GNP. Looking at this list (with only two of the all-time wealthiest individuals alive today) it’s hard to believe that income inequality is worse today than it was at the turn of the last century.

Circling back to today, ignoring the left’s incessant drumbeat of “income inequality” and focusing on reality, due to economic growth today’s average Americans live like millionaires of the 1950’s.

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Of course, all the drivel about “income inequality” is simply a ruse by leftist to vote into office even more hard-core leftists politicians into office and redistribute more income. If liberal activists were serious about workers earning more money, they would push getting the government off everyone’s back by cutting taxes (50% of workers income is consumed by taxation) effectively giving everyone a healthy net raise.

You know that won’t happen.

Suckers. Total suckers… So much for Obama ‘restoring’ America’s standing in the world

Remember when Dear Leader promised that he would “restore America’s standing in the world?”

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Well, that didn’t happen…

Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski thinks the Polish-American alliance is “worthless” and “bullshit,” according to tapes of a private conversation released by Polish magazine Wprost.

“The Polish-American alliance is not worth anything. It’s even damaging, because it creates a false sense of security in Poland. It’s complete bullshit,” Sikorski says. “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think that everything is great, because we gave the Americans a blowjob. Suckers. Total suckers.”

The way Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski is speaking, you would think he was a jilted Obama voter.

Guy who obviously didn’t play a down of football explains why soccer is the superior sport

Apparently the World Cup soccer tournament is in full swing and, like clockwork, non-soccer fans everywhere are subjected to our quadrennial dose of soccer snobbery.

While the snobbery is expected from oh-so-well heeled and very liberal sportswriters, it is particularly galling when it comes from the likes of conservatives such as Breitbart’s Mike Flynn:

Every athlete has a clearly defined and limited “position.” Teams run pre-set “plays” which are memorized by players and dictated by coaches on the sidelines. In football, coaches determine every play and the athletes just execute the plays. Individual players can execute these plays brilliantly, but they rarely have the opportunity to seize the initiative and execute a new pattern based on situations on the field.

Obviously, this guy has never played a down of organized football in his life. Sure, coaches sends in plays from the sideline, however players make numerous adjustments to the “pre-set play” prior to the snap. Offensive linemen make a series of “tackle calls” to co-ordinate how the blocking scheme is executed based on how the defensive players are aligned. If a passing play is called, running backs will either stay and block or release for a pass based on the defensive scheme presented. Receivers adjust pass routs based on where defensive backs are positioned and so-on. On the defensive side of the ball, the game is played much the same way.

In reality, a so-called “set” football play is more like a computer program executed by the teams “if the defensive tackle lines up in my gap then…” If Flynn had played the game, he might understand this.

Flynn continues…

The oft-repeated observation that football is “American” or “red-blooded” because of all the tackling reminds me of a short guy driving a Hummer. Have these people heard of rugby? France, of all places, after all, is a powerhouse of a sport which is American football without the pads.

If sports writers can square that knot, then perhaps I’ll listen to their criticisms about soccer.

Every time I hear the rugby thing it drives me crazy. Having played both football (a lot) and rugby (once or twice) the games are very different and I will square that knot for Mr. Flynn.

No doubt, rugby is a tough game. However if pro rugby players are so much tougher than say, an NFL player (since they don’t wear pads), why aren’t there more rugby players in the NFL pulling down multi-million dollar contracts? The NFL is hyper competitive. If a team feels they could gain the slightest edge by paying a pro rugby player a huge NFL contract, you know they would. An NFL team would pick up someone like rugby player Hayden Smith:

Smith was looking at the possibility of playing in the NFL and had a workout with the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and the New Orleans Saints.[5][6]

The New York Jets signed Smith on April 3, 2012.[7] He was waived on August 31, 2012.[8] A day later, he was signed to the Jets’ practice squad.[9] On October 27, 2012, He was promoted to the active roster from the practice squad.[10] He caught his first and only NFL pass on December 23,2012. [11] He was released on August 26, 2013.[12]

I guess all that toughness, playing without pads, didn’t pay off for Smith. I fairness, most rugby players in the NFL are punters since kicking in rugby (Australian rules) requires a lot of skill that translates well to the NFL.

As far as personal preference, the sport I tend to enjoy most as a spectator is hockey.

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Now that is a rough game.

Anyhow, getting back to the quadrennial dose of soccer snobbery. I expect lib’s to continually try to coerce everyone into the soccer collective through constant haranguing. It’s what liberals do. I just don’t expect the haranguing from the conservative side. It’s not our style.

Happy B-Day Les Paul

Les Paul would have been 99 years old today.

A few months ago, I made a day trip to the Rock and Roll hall of fame and I spent more time at the (surprisingly extensive) Les Paul display then anywhere else. Not only was the man a technological genius, he was a fantastic musician and great entertainer.

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Here’s Les Paul with Chet Atkins.

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And this beer commercial

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“What’s your name?”… “It’s on your guitar.”

Too cool.